Wednesday, June 3, 2009

If It Were Sgt. Brett Favre, He'd Be Singing A Different Tune

Peter King, on Monday:

Although I'm told the league really wants the Rams to stay in the Midwest, it wouldn't be a disaster if they moved back home to Los Angeles. This is one franchise that can be moved without upsetting any competitive applecart. The Rams in the NFC West always were a bit of a stretch. But a Seattle-San Francisco-L.A.- Arizona division makes much more sense than leaving the Rams in St. Louis.

Kick in the teeth to some St. Louis Rams fans, but who has time to care about them? An access whore like Peter King wouldn't want to come across as churlish about the sordid business of professional sports -- he might not get any more late night texts from Roger Goodell!

But on to what really, truly matters, from the same article ...

I think you'll all appreciate a long-overdue update about your favorite soldier. Army First Sgt. Mike McGuire ...

Oh, right, Sgt. Mike McGuire. This Sgt. Mike McGuire:

"I love St. Louis," he said. "It's my home, and I'm really into the Rams. Greatest show on turf. Hope I get a chance to see them before I go back the first of October."

... Here's a guy whose biggest thrill is to see the Rams whip up on someone, while he's literally going to be laying his life on the line.

But, you know, it wouldn't be a disaster or anything if they were to move the team 2000 miles away. Hey, there are Goldman Sachs deal fees to consider! Mike's gonna be dismantling IEDs in Iraq for most of the season anyway, right?

Peter King gets mocked a lot, and justifiably, for everything from solipsistic personal updates, lazy and obsequious "access" journalism that wouldn't be out of place in the Washington press corps, and insights so insipid they wouldn't make the final cut of Larry King's column ... but this?

Oblivious corporate whoring for the NFL's latest merger and acquisition turned game of municipal brinksmanship right next to a pious attempt at a hacktacular "there are more important things than just a game" human interest story, the subject of which will be directly affected by the NFL's naked obsession with the bottom line?

To the next twenty years, Peter!