Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wronger Faster

I'm sure that this is all just a big part of the SEIU's evil plan to springboard off the health care debate into getting card check. Now it might look like a bunch of moderate Democrats have dropped the card check provision for the sake of getting a labor law bill passed, and "the possibility of trading some health care provisions for card check in some sort of gruesome grand bargain" was an incredibly stupid bit of punditry by somebody completely unconnected from reality, but you just don't understand Washington kabuki like Mickey.

You see, in addition to pressuring Senators on the public option, the SEIU has also endorsed Sonia Sotomayor, which means they want to use their support for her nomination with the White House to water down the public option on health care in exchange for support from the Money Liberals on the Bring Back Welfare Act of 2009, which, in turn ...


... powerful Latino lobby and potential use of mind control on Ben Nelson, who ...


... that would cause Evan Bayh and Blanche Lincoln to swap their votes on the cap-and-trade bill for a promise not to attack on the next two turns ...


... 4 ... 8 ... 15 ... 16 ...


... until the handle breaks off, and Barbara Mikulski has to go get a doctor to pull it back out again.

Voila! 60 votes for cloture on card check!

It's all so simple.