Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Ol' Switcheroo

Like the castaway on a desert island -- or a Milwaukee Brewer -- seeing a feast in every inanimate object, Mickey continues to look at a more-or-less progressive president and imagine his neoliberal ideal, in everything from card check to health care.

Sadly, something has to break the siren spell:

And here I almost believed Obama's health care plans were all about lowering costs and getting the budget under control.

Yeah, it's not as though he ran on a platform where the first priority was getting health care for everyone and the second priority was lowering costs. The imaginary Obama in Mickey's head guy is such a lying bastard!

The second-best part of all this is that Mickey is furiously portraying Obama, the guy who co-sponsored the card check bill in 2007, as shaky on check card because of ... well ... nothing? The best part of all this will be the moment when Mickey pretends that his rank speculation constituted a binding promise, and subsequently accuses Obama of stabbing him in the back.

By, you know, supporting unions.

But who could have seen that coming?