Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On The Ball(s)

So far, two months in, Obama has delivered an $800 billion stimulus package that passed with a total of three (3) opposition party votes, ordered the closure of Gitmo, opened up our foreign policy, reversed the torture/secrecy policies of the last eight years, proposed a budget that makes our tax code more progressive, and is now preparing for legislative fights over universal health care, card check and a cap-and-trade system. But you know what Obama's problem is, according to Mickey?

He lacks cojones.

Why, you might ask, does Mickey think this?

Because Mickey desperately needs his progressive politicians to stab him in the back to justify his continued reliance on a pathetically outdated worldview.

Because the first rule of neoliberalism is to never, ever show weakness in front of the New York Times editorial board.

Because people who have weird obsessions with homosexuality are uniquely capable of determining who's a manly man full of manliness.

Because Obama didn't fight for Tom Daschle to head the Department of Health and Human Services.

What a wuss, right?