Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gotta Beat Life

Mickey, in the midst of explaining his inexplicable contrarianism:

[T]he purpose of the health care system is to keep people alive--it's enemy is, in effect, death, which will never be defeated.

You mean we're MORTAL? Oh, man, I'm glad Mickey's around to help us out.


Actually, you know the best part of this help-me-help-you-understand-my-ridiculousness post?

He lists as a "contradiction" something that was never a contradiction in the first place (he wants to spend more money on health care and less money on the military; this approach endorsed by a noted neoliberal contrarian here), yet his explanation as to why it's not a contradiction is also wrong. (Who thinks that the rational purpose of a nation's military is not to "keep people alive"? Genghis Khan?).

Mickey then declares failure, and asks for help from his readers:

None of these answers is completely satisfying. Suggestions welcomed.

Suggestion: you're an idiot.