Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day Six

Is the better metaphor a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters eventually writing the complete works of Shakespeare, or a broken clock being right twice a day?

Because I'm totally down with Mickey today.

In reverse chronological order, he argues that:

1) The auto bailout really isn't hugely problematic.
2) Blanche Lincoln (D - WalMart) is probably gonna vote against card check.
3) The Yglesias affair is creepy as hell.

Of course, Mickey, being Mickey, believes that this is because:

1) Obama will be unable to re-extend credit to the auto companies, because the bailout helps unions and ...
2) Anything that helps unions must be hugely unpopular among the electorate! Because ... well, just look at them! Unions! Booooo! [Talk about cocooning -- ed. You said it, completely fictional representation of a third party observer!]
3) As for this one, well ... the Yglesias affair really *is* creepy as hell.

There's an old joke that hitting one out of every three pitches gets you into the baseball Hall of Fame, but returning one out of every three serves wouldn't even get you into minor league tennis.

It's pretty clear which standard they're using with Mickey, isn't it?