Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day Two

"She was 'no drama' before 'no drama' was cool." I think they've discovered a tactful way to say "boring."

Ladies and gentlemen, the entirety of Mickey Kaus' output for a non-holiday Wednesday!

In case you're wondering why it's titled "Caroline, No II", the post apparently stands as a sequel to "Caroline, No", originally published several weeks ago. The previous iteration consisted entirely of two links to articles by Russ "I Would Do Anything For Love But I Won't" Douthat and [Richard/Dick] [Bradley/Blow], which means that relatively speaking Mickey has substantially upped his production.

It should be noted that Dick Blow's article -- under the "Richard Bradley" byline, naturally -- contained two (2) disclosures of personal animus towards Caroline Kennedy, two (2) fact-free suppositions (both her commitment and her interests "seemed" phony), two (2) baseless hypotheticals ("maybe" she's being pressured or "maybe" she's convinced herself -- who can say for sure?), one (1) direct flight into imagination, and zero (0) quotes from anyone.

I mean, even Mickey quotes people from time to time. That's what makes him a journalist.