Wednesday, December 31, 2008

According to Blogspot, still available!

Mickey raises the stakes in this bloggingheads exchange, offering his Christ-like suffering (a ten percent pay cut, which in a just world would equal one-tenth of a bucket of spit) as a righteous alternative to unionism and their fancy worker protections (and their subsequent unpopular popular bailouts).

His primary complaint with unions appears to be that they use a "long, drawn-out, year-long process" to extract less-painful future concessions, instead of a "relatively quick transaction" where he hands a portion of his paycheck directly to the Washington Post upon demand.

Later in the diavideologueblog, he claims that the economy will recover faster because legions of Kaus-like workers will take wage cuts, saving our corporate overlords from their freely-agreed-to-but-now-burdensome contractual obligations. Thus, Mickey advocates a bailout of sorts, except instead of using federal tax revenues (ostensibly drawn from progressive taxation), all us blue-collar slobs will just chip in a few bucks (in a relatively quick transaction!).

Pretty strong anti-union advocacy, eh?