Friday, April 17, 2009

All The Noticias Fit To Print

Mickey now declares, of potential illegal immigrants:

they hear the news, perhaps false news, that legalization is or is not in the offing. Why wouldn't they pay more attention than the average American? The news affects them more directly, no?

So, wait, why would it matter what the actual state of comprehensive immigration legislation was, or what Obama said or didn't say about it, if the potential illegal immigrants are getting and believing "false news"? Wouldn't any public attempt to shoot down the possibility of amnesty only really affect illegal immigrants who bother to double check received wisdom by reading the New York Times? How many of those are there?

(And aren't the only people who read the New York Times a bunch of Upper West Side effete leftist cocooning Money Liberals? I remember a guy who kept saying things like that.)

(If you look at Spanish-language papers in the U.S, certainly, you'll notice a rather intense focus on immigration-related developments, especially the possibility of legalization.)

It's been obvious for a while that evidence for Mickey's thesis is pretty thin on the ground, but, man ...

Not an actual analysis of correlation between migration patterns and congressional activity.

Not a rough survey of Spanish-language papers outside the U.S.

No, we get a half-assed anecdotal "analysis" of papers not even found in the immigrant's country of origin (and probably collected from a bench outside Mickey's supermarket).

I mean, we all know Mickey's no Nate Silver, but come on.


In unrelated news, did you know that Canadians are becoming increasingly concerned about hurricanes? It's true! I found out by skimming the Miami Herald.