Friday, April 10, 2009

[You're fired -- ed.]

How? How did this happen?

How did Mickey -- who flatly declared in March that "there's nothing happening" with Jeffrey Toobin -- miss this? And now this?

Good lord! We're all aware that Mickey is a dramatic failure at logical reasoning, political theory, journalism, blogging, life, etc. At least he has Kausfiles, right?

But here we are with (1) a Kaus enemy (2) involved in a scandal (3) about sex. It's undernews, it's sordid, it's score-settling in a kind of pointless way ... it's the very definition of a kausfiles item! And he misses it! What the hell?

If congress passes a bill allowing illegal aliens to collect welfare if they join a L.A. Times/Center for American Progress joint workers union via card check, will Mickey notice that? Or will he be off blogging about terrorist climate attacks [Wait, what? -- ed. That's just what I was thinking! Spooky!]?

Mickey Kaus is now failing at being Mickey Kaus. For this, Mickey Kaus should fire himself.