Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hey, Look!

Ladies and gentlemen, the very first thing Mickey Kaus has written about the U.S. Attorney scandal:

Will Obama rescue John Edwards by replacing the U.S. Attorney who is investigating him? ... If he does, will Josh Marshall kick up a fuss about it? ...

Oh, sure, the U.S. Attorney scandal is only obliquely acknowledged through a jab at Josh Marshall's purely theoretical hypocrisy ... and only by lazily equating it with a yet-to-happen non-story (Obama replacing U.S. Attorneys at the start of his term vs. Karl Rove having incompetent minions fire select U.S. Attorneys for failure to advance a political agenda and then lying about it) ... and even then it's really a minor part of Mickey's hilariously paranoid conspiracy wherein Obama springs John Edwards on behalf of the Mexican labor unions ... but still! Progress!

[Progress? -- ed. Progress!]