Monday, May 18, 2009

Off the Floor, Off the Scoreboard, Off the Backboard ...

Mickey, apparently taking a break from his long-running quiz show "Elizabeth Edwards: Bitch, Shrew or Harpy?", has decided to show us all his prized ability to discern and critique the complicated gamesmanship of politics by dissecting the Huntsman nomination:

You'd think that at some point, in a contentious negotiation with Congressional Democrats, it would be useful for Obama to be able to point out that if Democrats raise taxes too high, for example, he might lose the White House in 2012.

Yes. Yes. This has to be what worries Obama. The Senate rejects a reasonable financial regulation bill every time Evan Bayh furrows his brow, he can't get Republicans to so much as sign a birthday card for the House receptionist, but here's Obama, staying up late worrying about the potential Bolshevik Revolution coming out of the House Committee on Ways and Means.

PELOSI: Let's raise taxes to a 99% marginal rate! So that illegal immigrant welfare cheats can buy gifts for our mandatory gay marriages and make the co-payments for our mandatory gay abortions!

OBAMA: No! I might be vulnerable in three years! You can't!

PELOSI: We all know that's a lie! A black man running for political office in America can't lose! The Reverse Double Bank Shot Bradley-Feiler Effect tells us so! You will do our Marxist bidding whether you like it or not! A sitting president in his first term has absolutely no sources of leverage over Congress unless said president is in serious jeopardy of losing! This is a totally reasonable interpretation of the relationship between the executive and the legislative branches! Mwahahahaha!

OBAMA: Curses! I suppose I will have to agree to your outrageous demands for single-payer health care, cap-and-trade regulation, and an overhaul of the financial services industry.

PELOSI: Dasvidania, Comrade!

/House Democrats chortle, the Russian song from "Hunt for Red October" plays, a single tear runs down Lady Liberty's cheek

p.s. I apologize ahead of time if this is one of Mickey's "jokes". I honestly can't tell anymore.