Friday, January 2, 2009

I Can See A Better Time When All Our Dreams Come True

More fun from the bloggingheads video, as at various points Mickey boldly predicts that in 2009: 1) card check gets defeated; 2) comprehensive immigration reform gets defeated; 3) Pinch Sulzberger gets fired; 4) Al Franken is revealed to be a secret conservative; and 5) the economy rebounds because of the Mickey Kaus Memorial Voluntary National Bailout.

[I have to admit, I'm really falling in love with this whole "poor people take a pay cut to help with the recession caused by rich people" idea. It's kind of like when an entire town pitches in to put out a neighbor's fire, only in this example the neighbor lit the fire with a bunch of your money, and the water is more of your money].

Speaking as one who perennially assumes that the coming year will bring crushing defeat to my enemies, I have nothing but sympathy for Mickey and his visions of bete noire after bete noire crashing to the ground.

My only question is: why stop where he did? Doesn't Chris Bangle still have a job? Isn't the L.A. Times still in existence? Don't Chris Lehane, Ron Burkle and Andrew Sullivan still roam the Earth?

I mean, when you're just assuming that the the great and good American people, offered a fair choice, will of course choose the course you happen to advocate, why not reach for the stars?

Allow Fire Mickey Kaus to make its own prediction for the future. Fire Mickey Kaus has thought long and hard about this prognostication. So what does Fire Mickey Kaus see happening in the new year?

Exclusive Fire Mickey Kaus Prediction for 2009:

Mickey gets hit by a bus.