Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stock Up On Canned Goods

Don't look now, but Mickey has posted six (6!!!) largely unobjectionable posts in a row, including a defense of the pro-card check nominee for labor secretary (the daughter of a Mexican union organizer, no less!) and an always-enjoyable reminder to an amnesiac Iraq war supporter of where they were six years ago.

[The good bloggers know to bury their final conclusion under mounds and mounds of vacillations --ed. "Vacillations"? A desk fan is known to vacillate; Mickey flailed wildly from one conclusion to another. He had so many "on the other hand" caveats that by the day of the invasion he looked like Vishnu.]

Also, something he wrote actually came true!

Yesterday's CW: This Daschle business stinks. He has to withdraw!

Today's CW: He sure withdrew easily. Weird.

Tomorrow's CW: Obama sure gave up on him easily. Wimp!

It's like the media's version of the Madonna/Whore complex. If you give in too quickly, they lose respect.

Not quite three days later:

I can't figure out what's more upsetting, Mickey's hot streak or the fact that I'm here mocking a blogger that not even paid employees of Slate bother to read.