Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It Would Have Been Called: "Oh yeah? Well, why don't you marry the AFL-CIO? Huh?"

Here I was, all ready to level my own criticisms of Mickey's latest self-defeating anti-union post, a "you're not hardcore unless you LIVE hardcore" charge of hypocrisy aimed at Arianna Huffington because she has thus far failed to pre-emptively unionize her workforce herself [Wait, Mickey won't even wait for her to actively oppose unionization efforts before calling her a hypocrite? -- ed. He doesn't have time to wait -- he's already lost Bangle! He needs a new hobbyhorse ...].

I had a link ready to Pajama Media's hilarious collapse, and was coming up with some pithy comment about how it looks like a few of them could have used a jobs bank.

Maybe I would have played compare-and-contrast with Mickey's own ten-percent-pay-cut-on-demand arrangement with management (with all proceeds going to an MSM Dinosaur, no less).

Alas, some other blog beat me to it:

But, hah, the fact that a rich person wouldn't want their company unionized and that such a unionization would basically be impossible to accomplish at the moment and the fact that the end result of such a unionization would be that good workers like Linkins would be better-compensated is basically the argument for the terrible scary Card Check legislation, so good for you, Mickey, you are doing the lord's work.

Clearly, bloggers need a union -- only legalistic work rules can prevent this kind of duplicative Kaus-bashing.