Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blue Wards Are Like This ... Red Wards Are Like This ...

Okay, that wasn't all. More notes on the idiocy of David Brooks:

- Is it only people in Northwest D.C. that hate "dumb people who are richer than they are"? Isn't hatred of these people pretty much universal?

- I understand that D.C. policy wonks are famously ugly, but how does Wall Street represent "people with good bone structure"? Have you been to Wall Street? I guess John Thain kinda looks like David Hasselhoff with a shirt on, but still ...

- Apparently, there aren't any "lawyers, TV producers and senior civil servants" in New York. Just can't find a lawyer anywhere in Manhattan! (My theory w/r/t his belief that the center of the media world is D.C.: he's way too boring too dumb too ugly his bone structure is too poor to get on TV in New York, and so the only TV producers he knows are on the Sunday morning "two conservatives for every half a liberal" political shows.)

- Another one of the three things people in Northwest D.C. disdain: "cleavage." Really? Was there a poll?

- Also, doesn't New York disdain "hunting", too? Probably even more so that D.C., right? Isn't this one better suited to some manufactured "Upper West Side vs. Wasilla, Alaska" hate-off? ("Wasillans despise three things: non-Second Amendment rights, phonies, and restaurants with unlaminated menus.") It's pretty clear this one's on the list just so the right-wing anger bears can reminisce about the good times, when Brooks' Jeff-Foxworthy-channels-the-culture-war routine allowed the rank-and-file to pretend that the corrupt oligarchy they were abetting was (surprise!) actually a populist movement.

- Is there a more perfect encapsulation of David Brooks than his statement that -- in the midst of two wars, an enormous financial collapse, a recession, climate change, and any number of actually important policy disputes in Washington -- he's "become increasingly concerned about the rising number of rich people who are being caught unawares by shifts in the sumptuary code"? I say no.