Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kaus! Kaus Everywhere!

Goddamnit! I can't even enjoy my sports without access, favor or discretion without running into some form of Kaus-ery!

This post links to an amusing column by erstwhile Mickey-brother Stephen Kaus. Stephen, in a break with apparent family tradition, has actually published/done something in the last fifteen years, and has been rewarded with the kind of comedy pyramid you could run Slate's Fray for a million years and never get. Well done, sir.

Anyway, it reminds to rank my all-time favorite Kauses:

1) Otto Kaus, of "alligator in the bathtub" fame
2) Stephen Kaus,
3) Gina Kaus -- she worked with Alfred Hitchcock!
4) KAUS 1480 AM, South-Central Minnesota's Rockin' Country Music Station ... for AMERICA, not you goddamn communists.
5) Robert M. Kaus, author of "Unions:Parasites or Cancers?" (to truly appreciate it, read it while listening to Thriller and wearing a piano-key necktie)
6) Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
7) The brightest star in Sagittarius
8) Maus, by Art Spiegelman (close enough)


145) Mickey Kaus