Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kevin Drum Asks What We're All Thinking

Is this supposed to be serious?

No, no, I think not.

Not when support for something more than a 12% rate of unionization is automatically construed to be a de facto rejection of a Pareto-optimal economy. Pie enlargement? Ha! No pie for anyone!

Not when an endorsement of collective bargaining is per se evidence that you're anti-economic growth (and the primary citations for this proposition are older than, say, Punky Brewster).

Not when opposing a border fence means you simply don't care about low-income workers.

Not when standing up to people in your party and the people who elected you is more important than standing up to the people who, you know, voted against you. (Sistah Souljah Forevah!)

Not when letting the allegedly perfect get in the way of the generally good is a goddamn mantra.

Not when you interpret every victory for right-wing lunatics as the just rebuke of your foolhardy liberal enemies instead of the ascendancy of a batshit-crazy political and social ideology.

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