Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kausfiles' Band of the Year: Foreigner

I don't mean to alarm anyone, but these are the most recent articles that Mickey has cited positively:

- A 1981 article by Steven Rattner about union auto shops in Great Britain. (link)
- A 1983 Gregg Easterbrook article about how high wages hurt the poor (via a cite to ... himself)
- A 1972 (!) Tom Geoghegan article about the '70s schism in the Democratic Party (link)
- The 1983 be-all and end-all Harper's article on unionism by Robert M. Kaus (link)

I think I know what this means ...

Mickey's Lexis-Nexis account is trapped under something.

Mickey's ability to read long-form journalism was stored in his hair.

Neoliberalism died a quarter of a century ago, and Mickey has been tending to the body like Miss Emily to Homer Barron.

Mickey's blog is being published on a twenty-five year time delay.

Prove me wrong, Mickey!